Our nursing team is available 24/7, our on-call physicians are available as needed, and our personal care aides are ready to bring you comfort 7 days a week. We will procure and deliver all your medication and medical supplies, and we will arrange for needed medical equipment to be delivered to you. We will provide spiritual, emotional, and psychological support when you need it. We are always available to talk, educate, or counsel our patients and their families.

Collective Hospice Care’s Team is dedicated to providing total care that brings together our patients and their families with our healthcare partners, and the community we serve together. For this reason, we take a collective team approach to meeting the physical, spiritual, emotional, and social needs of those under our care.

Home Care

The Collective Health Group Home Care Division caregiving team is specifically trained to provide a full range of caregiving services for physical, emotional and social needs, such as fall prevention, dementia, loneliness, depression and end of life care.

Collective Hospice & PALLIATIVE Care

When you or your loved one has a terminal illness that has reached its end-of-life stage, it brings many challenges to you and your family such as discomfort, pain, disability, and emotional suffering. Collective Hospice Care’s interdisciplinary team of medical, mental health, social work, and other key professionals understand these challenges. We are dedicated to mindfully curating the best plan to give you the warm, loving, care and support you need for a more comfortable and dignified final journey.

Alternatively, if you or your loved one is living with a chronic condition or life-limiting illness, you may qualify for Palliative Care. Our interdisciplinary team is dedicated to creating the best plan to address pain management, as well as physical, emotional, and spiritual needs to preserve the quality of life of those entrusted to our care.

Home Health

The comfort and familiarity of home contributes to the overall wellbeing and recovery of those in need of care. Therefore, we believe that home is where primary and preventive health care should begin. With the support of our Home Health Team, families are able to participate and influence the care of their loved ones within the comfort of their own home. Our professional staff will work with you, your physician, and your family to develop a customized treatment plan.

Collective Health Group’s Home Health Division is comprised of the most dedicated and compassionate medical professionals and providers of home-based patient care.

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